Recipe Box

Sweet or salty?  Spicy or Spicier?  Breakfast or Lunch?  Brunch?  Whatever you’re looking for, I’m sure there’ll be something here for you–and if there isn’t yet, keep checking back because I’m always adding new recipes!



Make these your whole meal or serve as a side dish!

Main Dishes

Sometimes deciding what to make for dinner is harder than making it.  Why not try out one of these main dishes?


Spring feeling like it will never arrive?  Try one of these soups while you’re waiting for winter to end!


They say it’s the most important meal of the day…      


…really, a dietitian providing dessert recipes? Isn’t that a little bit contradictory?  eh, I don’t think so and here’s why: I believe that most people know how to diet–restricting calories isn’t complicated.  What most people don’t know how to do, though, is EAT.  Understanding how to sustain a generally healthy eating pattern is more complex and there is no … Continue reading Desserts

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