…really, a dietitian providing dessert recipes? Isn’t that a little bit contradictory?  eh, I don’t think so and here’s why:
I believe that most people know how to diet–restricting calories isn’t complicated.  What most people don’t know how to do, though, is EAT.  Understanding how to sustain a generally healthy eating pattern is more complex and there is no one eating pattern that will work for everyone.  I have a sweet tooth (or five) and a baking habit.  Baking is my way to de-stress and recharge for the rest of my day.  An eating plan without dessert isn’t realistic for me.  You’re sick of hearing it: everything in moderation, but if you eat well (fruit, vegetables, whole grains, & lean proteins) and don’t lay around all day, that cookie after dinner, in my humble opinion, is just fine–especially if that cookie is homemade instead of being processed with a lot of added ingredients you’ve never heard of!


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